CD AM/FM Stereo

Model: EFL400

Product FAQs

  • How do I contact Customer Service?

    • Please call us at 855-994-3832 with any questions or before returning anything to the store.
  • Where can I get the Instruction Manual?

    • A copy of the instruction manual in English was enclosed with your product. If you are unable to locate it, you can view it from the link to the right.
  • How can I play my iPod or MP3 player?

    • Securely connect a 3.5mm to 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable from the headphone jack on your iPod/MP3 Player into the AUX Input on the Audio System.
    • Adjust the volume control on the connected device to an acceptable level.
    • Use the controls on the connected device to control the audio selections & playback.
  • No power

    • If you are attempting to turn ON the Power using the Remote Control without success, try pushing the POWER button on the front of the player.
    • Make sure the power cord/adapter is firmly inserted into the rear of the Audio System and the electrical outlet.
    • Make sure the electrical outlet is working properly by carefully plugging in another device.
  • Disc freezes, skips, or will not play

    • Make sure the CD is inserted with the label side facing UP.
    • Make sure the CD has no cracks, scratches, blemishes, fingerprints, etc.
    • Try another CD. If this new CD plays correctly, then the problem is with the CD disc,not the CD player.
    • If you are trying to play a CD-R or CD-RW make sure the disc was properly “Finalized” before attempting to play. Please refer to the instructions from your CD burning program or device for details on “Finalizing” a disc.
  • No sound from speakers

    • Make sure the cords connecting the Speakers to the Main Unit are securely connected to the rear of the Main Unit & each Speaker.
    • Make sure the Volume is not set too low or on Mute.
    • Make sure the proper Source/Function (CD, RADIO, AUX etc.) is selected.
    • Make sure the AM/FM tuner is on the correct setting for the station you are attempting to listen to.
    • If you are attempting to use the AUX input, make sure the AUX cable is securely inserted into both the Audio System and your External Device.
  • Remote control does not work

    • Try moving closer to the front of the Audio System.
    • Make sure there are no objects in the signal path of the remote control beam to the player such as your foot.
    • Replace the batteries in the remote.
  • Radio signal is weak, or has interference

    • Try repositioning the Antenna to see if reception improves.
    • Make sure the AM/FM tuner is on the correct AM or FM Band setting for the station you are attempting to listen to.
    • If a TV or other electronic device is near the Audio System, try turning the TV/electronic device off to remove interference.
  • One song is played repeatedly or the CD restarts playing after the last song ends

    • The REPEAT function is turned ON. Press the REPEAT button on the Main Unit or Remote to cancel the repeat mode. You may have to press the REPEAT button more than once to cycle through the “Repeat” settings to turn the REPEAT function OFF.

Product Downloads

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